Tips On Choosing The Ideal Flowers For Your Wedding Reception

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Choosing flowers for a wedding reception is all about the seasons. Not only is it important to determine which flower is in season when your wedding date arrives, but which flowers are the most likely to survive the hours without wilting, turning or just becoming a nuisance.

The following factors, including seasonal choices, will help you make the best choice. Joanna from Wild Rose Florist was kind enough to offer some input in these areas:

1. Allergies

Please make sure that none of your bridal party are allergic to the flowers you choose. We aren’t just talking about a slight pollen allergy here. Some people have an extreme reaction to some types of flowers and plants and if you want to avoid drama on your wedding day, ask if anyone has any allergies.

If you are having an outdoor wedding, you may want to take into consideration the bees that may be attracted to your floral decor and take steps to repel them.

2. Your Favorite Flower

Every women has a favorite flower, color and fragrance. In fact many weddings schemes are selected from a preferred flower. So here we come back to the importance of the seasons. Find out from your local florists whether your beloved flower will be in season around your wedding day.

Flowers that are in season will be less difficult and expensive to obtain. They are also less likely to fade as the wedding proceeds and should even last days after the celebrations are over and you are well away on your honeymoon.

If you have your heart set on a specific type of flower that is out of season, don’t stress. Flowers can be sourced from all around the world so you should be able to have exactly the type of floral accents to make your dreams come true. However, you need to be aware that this could cost you a pretty penny and the flowers may not be in the best condition upon arrival. They are also more likely to wilt and fade.

If you are having an indoor reception, it may be simple to control the climate to ensure that the flowers are in their full glory when your guests arrive. An outdoor reception, especially during the hot summer months, could mean that the flowers die within minutes of being exposed to the heat.

3. Types Of Floral Decorations

Apart form the bridal bouquet, there a wide variety of floral decorative options for your wedding reception. Most people simply opt for a centerpiece on the tables. If this is your preference, make sure that the flowers do not interfere with conversation or deter guests from being able to see the events included in your reception.

Large rooms can benefit from the placement of additional bouquets in corners, alongside pillars and around doorways. Flowers can be strung up to add an elegant floral touch to your wedding. A floral arch for both indoor and outdoor weddings is a stunning attraction.

Remember the petals for the flower girls and bouquets for the bridesmaids. You may also want to consider a boutinniere for the groom and groomsmen’s lapels as well as for the father of the bride. Traditionally, the mother of the bride and groom also have a corsage that can either be worn on the wrist or pinned to their wedding attire. You may want to distinguish any other important people at your wedding by providing them with a boutinniere or a corsage.

4. Flower Faux Pas

There are some flowers that you just shouldn’t choose for your wedding because they have certain connotations attached to them. For example, they could be the most popular choice at funerals or may give off a funky odor. Some Flowers to avoid include:

– Carnations are a popular funeral flower.
– Most types of lily species as these are traditionally chosen for funerals because of their distinctive, sweet scent.
– Crysanthemums don’t have the best fragrance and while they are often used as fillers in bouquets at weddings, their odor could become prominent if there are too many.

It is always best to put some effort into choosing the best flowers for your wedding reception as well as follow the advice of your designated florist. They are the experts in their field and will be able to assist you in ensuring that your flower arrangements are absolutely perfect. If you would like to keep up to date with the latest trends, follow Joanna on Twitter Here is also a great resource on how to stay within your wedding budget prepared by the Victorian government. A good read with some really helpful advice.

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