The Wonders Of Thai Cusine

Thailand is a fascinating country full of scenic wonders and with rich history that has been influenced by the countries that surround it is well as colonial influences and trade with countries as far flung as what was originally known as Persia – modern day Iran.

each of these influences can be found reflected in the Thai cuisine. This is why Thai food has fast become a global phenomenon with Thai restaurants in almost every city in the world.

But just why has Thai food become such a firm favorite with lovers of fine cuisine across the globe?

It may have something to do with the complexity of flavors that characterize the food that has its origins in Thailand. Whereas other regional cuisines may strive for simplicity Thai food relies on a complex interplay among ingredients that play off one another to provide a sensory experience that cannot be matched by other meals.

The rich influences from the countries that surround Thailand and how these have contributed to the unique taste of Thai food is another reason it is so popular.

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From India the spices that have made curry an international sensation has also made their way into Thai cuisine with Thai food now offering its own take on iconic curry dishes. From China two important contributions have been made to Thai food – firstly a heavy reliance on rice as the base for most meals. The other major contribution made by China was the wok which is used in the preparation of many Thai dishes.

However perhaps the greatest contribution to just why Thai cuisine has taken the world by storm is the ingredients themselves. Thai food relies on only the freshest ingredients and very rarely used dried produce. The ingredients are also treated with the utmost respect in order for them to retain their natural flavors and textures giving Thai food a lightness and complexity that may not be found in heavier types of cuisine.

The reliance on ingredients such as galangal, kaffir lime leaves, shallots, garlic, chili, lemongrass and other aromatic herbs and produce, as well as the addition of fish sauce and shrimp paste also contributes to the complexity of the dishes. the fact that these ingredients not only taste incredible but that they also contribute extensively to the smell of Thai food means that every meal is a complete sensory experience.

It is this complexity and clean flavor profiles that see Thai food appear consistently in surveys of the world’s most popular cuisines. In fact, it is true to say that Thai food probably appears in the top 10 lists on these surveys more than any other regional cuisine.

Popular animal proteins in Thai food include duck, beef, pork and chicken. However, for many the highlight of any Thai food experience must be the vast array of crustaceans, shellfish and both freshwater and saltwater fish.

With all these complexities contributing to a harmonious whole it is no wonder that Thai food is loved across the globe. You can come to Heart Thai Food – Thai Restaurant and get a taste of the incredible Thai cuisines.

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